Lines of Actions

Our work is made possible through our three lines of action: “Becas Con Cora” (Con Cora Scholarships), Arte Con Cora (Con Cora Art), and support for educational institutions.

This first line of action encompasses all educational opportunities from basic to higher education for women in vulnerable situations, including those deprived of their freedom and post-penitentiary women, scholarships for teenage mothers, and higher education scholarships through partnerships with educational institutions.

In the second line of action, we promote art in all its forms through formative and participatory activities aimed at personal development.

Through our third line of action, we support educational institutions serving vulnerable populations by reconstructing and renovating their infrastructure to provide safe, non-violent, inclusive, and high-quality learning environments

Furthermore, we have initiated projects and partnerships in:

For the second consecutive year, we have supported Colombian Formula 2 driver Tatiana Calderón.

Through support for artisan “silleteras” (flower arrangers) from Santa Elena, Antioquia, Colombia we participated in the “Feria de Silleteros 2023” (Silleteros Parade in Medellín).

Through the “She Is Astronaut” program by the She Is Foundation, we’ve provided support to 35 girls, aged 12 to 16, passionate about science and robotics, offering them an immersive experience at the NASA Space Center Houston.