Donates Spaces to Promote Mental Health in Latin American Schools

We are filled with joy to share some exciting news: the first group of young mothers, whom we have supported through the ‘Juanfe’ Foundation, has completed their training and is ready to embark on their professional careers.

These resilient women have devoted two years of hard work in Cartagena, Colombia, to acquire skills in two highly demanded fields: tourism and aesthetic beauty. These professions offer excellent employment opportunities where they reside, providing them with a solid path to employability.

The technical and psychosocial support provided by the Juanfe Foundation and the Con Cora Foundation has been essential in the comprehensive development of these young women. We are deeply proud of each of them, and the women graduating today are ready to begin building a future filled with financial freedom, stability, and opportunities.

This milestone marks the beginning of a new chapter in the lives of these courageous young mothers. With their determination and the support of our organizations, we are confident they will achieve great success on their journey toward a fulfilling and satisfying life.

Congratulations to all the graduates on this significant achievement! We are eager to see all they will accomplish in the future and will continue to support them every step towards success.

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