Girl Empowerment on wheels

We arrived at the Daytona International Speedway to support Tatiana “Tata” Calderón, the colombian racing driver, and take a group of migrant girls from South Florida to live a unique experience.

During this exceptional visit, a compelling narrative emerged at the intersection of empowerment and speed as the girls shared moments with “Tata,” a trailblazer in motorsports. Gearing up for her second participation in the Rolex 24 Daytona, Tata shared riveting tales from the racetrack and underscored the significance of resilience and determination. Her poignant message emphasized the crucial stance of never surrendering in the face of adversity.

A collaborative effort between Con Cora Foundation and “Tata” emerged to create immersive activities for the participating girls. The goal was to provide them with a unique experience during the pre-race practices, allowing them to recognize spaces where, through their own efforts, they too can thrive. This initiative aimed not only to inspire a love for motorsports but also to foster a sense of belonging and possibility for the migrant young girls, encouraging them to pursue their dreams with determination and resilience. 

The participants were selected from the program “Mujeres Migrando en Bienestar,” an initiative launched by the Mesa de Mujeres de Miami with the support of the Colombian Consulate. 

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