Mujer Segura in Three Latin American Capitals – Location: South America

Our Mujer Segura campaign has been a comprehensive initiative focused on preventing and addressing gender-based violence at the Mañana Será Bonito Tour Latam concerts by our founder Karol G. During the Con Cora Latam Tour, we set up informational stands with multidisciplinary teams and emergency hotlines to provide accessible help to the public. The campaign made a significant impact on attendees in each country, providing key information on its website and using Instagram to increase engagement. Among these countries, three major locations were:

Bogotá, April 5-6: Supported by the Red Nacional de Mujeres, the campaign utilized the “Ellas libres de violencia” app to facilitate the reporting of violence and provided useful resources on the Mujer Segura website.

Lima, April 12-13: Backed by the Centro de la Mujer Peruana Flora Tristán, the initiative provided information on where to get help and how to report sexual harassment both at the event and on the website.

Santiago, April 19-21: The campaign culminated in Santiago with support from governmental organizations like Fundación Prodemu, Sernameg, and the Ministry of Women and Gender Equality. Guidance on how to act in case of aggression was offered, available on the Mujer Segura Chile website.

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