‘Mujer Segura’ Arrives in Guadalajara, Mexico

‘Mujer Segura’ is a comprehensive campaign developed by the Con Cora Foundation aimed at raising awareness among women about gender-based violence and promoting self-care among attendees at select concerts of the ‘Mañana Será Bonito Latam Tour’ featuring the artist Karol G.

From March 23rd to 24th, ‘Mujer Segura’ will be in Guadalajara, Mexico, where we’ll have a space designed to address cases of gender-based violence, staffed by a team of professionals including a lawyer, psychologist, and social workers. Additionally, we’ll have a mobile team working on prevention and awareness-raising among attendees.

To ensure responsible and tailored attention in each city, we’ve provided guidance to logistics staff and collaborators so they can effectively provide information to the public if needed. Furthermore, we’ve partnered with local government entities that allow us to  accompany and support attendees effectively. For this edition in Guadalajara, we’re grateful for the support of the State of Jalisco and the Secretariat of Substantive Equality Between Women and Men.

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