We provide inspirational spaces for women deprived of their liberty in Puerto Rico

Our founder, the artist Karol G, came to San Juan, Puerto Rico on March 10, 11 and 12, 2023 to perform three concerts at the Hiram Bithorn Stadium; and our mission to continue providing opportunities and moments of training and inspiration to women prisoners, convicts and post-convicts (women who have served a custodial sentence) was not far from the show.

On the first date of the concert, March 10, twenty-one inmates from the Bayamon Women’s Rehabilitation Complex attended the Stadium to enjoy the concert and have a pleasant and different moment with their fellow inmates.

Then, on March 14, we visited the Bayamon Women’s Rehabilitation Complex and officially handed over the fully equipped and remodeled beauty salon for the inmates’ training in beauty. In addition, we prepared a morning full of music with our founder, which was attended by more than one hundred inmates who were able to share a moment of closeness with the artist.

This type of inspirational and educational activities for women deprived of liberty in prisons and rehabilitation centers have been developed in Colombia with Karol G, and now also in Puerto Rico.

“You arrive here in one way and you will leave completely renewed, strong and ready for what is to come. I feel very fortunate to be given the opportunity to share with you and meet you,” said Karol G between songs.

For our founder, Puerto Rico is her second home and performing an action from her Con Cora Foundation is very meaningful, as it is a way to give back the support and love she receives.

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